Friday, June 15, 2012


Things are certainly happening around here...

We've had a 3rd and a 33rd birthday. We've been hit by a rude stomach bug (which began on the Friday before Mother's Day and lasted the whole next week. Ugh.) GG and Grumpa have visited and left for Cali and visited again and returned to Alaska. Packing has commenced. And I just keep getting more and more pregnant. No really, I am pretty grande these days. Photos have been taken, but have been left lingering on the photo limbo.

And the house?’s in rough shape. But we did that on purpose, I swear! And progress has been made. Adam and faithful sidekicks have redone ALL the plumbing and have moved on to electrical. Baby's room and kitchen have new windows, new lighting has been purchased, and walls have been moved. The hubs really is pretty amazing and I am so excited to MOVE IN someday soon.

On the to-do list:

·         Choose the perfect white paint for ceiling and walls

·         Install flooring and refinish existing to match

·         Hang some drywall, mud and tape

·         Pick out paint colors for bedrooms and living areas

·         THE KITCHEN

·         Finish updates to electrical

·         Fence the backyard

·         Move In!

·         Laundry room, 2nd bathroom, built-in shelving, new water heater, new fireplace, front porch, back deck, new furniture, swing set, give birth, dinner parties, play dates, and, and, and…someday. J

Photo updates coming soon! (I promise!)

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Money Pit or Diamond in the Rough?

 We bought a house.  Upon learning of the newest little bean on his way, we decided it was high time to buy a grown-up house with space enough for our growing family. 

If you know Adam, you know that we could never buy something new or move-in ready…because it wouldn’t be ours and any work done by previous owners/builders could never live up to Adam’s expectations for fine craftsmanship.  Let’s just say that I am pretty ecstatic to have a hubs that can do all the work we want need to do to our humble abode.

So, we are proud to present to you…..

 The Emiliusen's Atomic Ranch

These “before” shots may not convey the charm and potential of our 1950’s Rancho.  But, if it turns out to be a Money Pit….well, I’ve got a guy that can fix that.

The Kitchen

Some sick 50's brick!

Today is demolition day numero uno.  A whole-lotta before shots, and hopefully some progress shots, to come.  This is gonna be great, I tell ya!